16 new partners: The Business Support Club replenishes

7 new organizations have joined Business Armenia’s Business Support Club. The head of BA’s Business Support team, Mr. Hayk Mirzoyan, has signed MOUs with the leaders of the new member organizations of the club today. The club currently has 16 members. 18 businessmen have utilized the support of 9 members of the club last month.

The 7 newcomers represent tax, accounting, legal, business consulting and insurance sectors, and have obligated to provide special or free-of-charge services to Business Armenia beneficiaries.

Smart Construction performs a preliminary inspection of the land, checks compliance with the ownership and cadastral documents, supports the process of gaining the approval of a construction permit for the project-planning tasks. Offers a 20% discount on architectural-engineering, engineering, and geological works as well as 50% discount on construction projects.

Prior to registering a free company, Tower International Consultants provides up to 5 hours of the best free legal advising on accounting, tax, and legal matters. Offers a 20% discount on accounting and tax registration, as well as legal consulting with a 10% discount.

Ingo Armenia insurance company provides free consultation on risk disclosure and management. Offers  10-15% discount for transportation, property, health, construction risks insurance.

EV Consulting offers general economic and sectoral analysis, financial advisory and schemes. Provides up to 15% discount on strategy development, investment, marketing, business efficiency enhancement and human resource management consulting.

ProService L company conducts free human resources management audit. It offers a 20% discount on staff management consulting, installation automation, training organization.

Arlian Consulting and Training Company provides free diagnosis of the state of the business entity, evaluates the professional skills of the sales staff, provides consulting, develops a quarterly budget for marketing. Offers a 20% discount on business management, planning, marketing consulting, and personnel audit.

Avenue Consulting Group develops a commercial contract, provides a brief analysis of any branch of the economy and human resource management system. All the services are offered with 30% discount.


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